Video and Audio Recordings by and about Russell Kirk

Russell Kirk as a Midwestern Writer

Video of a seminar on “Russell Kirk as a Midwestern Writer” at the annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature at Michigan State University, June 2, 2015.

Lubbers on the Liberal Arts

A video of a talk on the importance of a liberal arts education by Arend D. Lubbers, President Emeritus of Grand Valley State University.

Karl von Habsburg on Russell Kirk

Von Habsburg speaks on the influence of Russell Kirk in Europe. This video is from a 2000 celebration in Prague for the publication of The Conservative Mind in Czech.

Audio and Video Lectures on the Internet
  • The John M. Olin Online Lecture Library at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute hosts several lectures about Russell Kirk and his influence as well as more than twenty-five audio lectures by Russell Kirk.
  • C-SPAN also hosts several videos with Russell Kirk.

Video Companion Site

In addition to the videos posted here, please visit “The Wardrobe”—a companion site featuring video and audio archives by and about Russell Kirk. It includes exclusive interviews with scholars, prominent persons in the conservative movement, and Kirk himself. The address is