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Imaginative Conservative series and other items of note

A few items to call to your attention:

• Our friends at The Imaginative Conservative are running a series of posts on “books that make us human” that’s well worth a look. • They also ran an item recently on early work of Russell Kirk and his libertarian or merely anti-statist tendencies.

• James Poulos writes at the Daily Caller on “The horrible truth behind the war on the middle class.”

• A transcript of James Kalb interviewing the mathematician and architectural theorist Nikos Salingaros on architecture and urbanism is available from the Philadelphia Society (PDF).

Sep 2011

Updated Kirk Bibliography

A second edition of our archivist Charles C. Brown’s Russell Kirk: A Bibliography has been released by ISI Books, fully revised and updated. There is a kind review by James Heiser at The New American.

Aug 2011

Russell Kirk on C-SPAN

We recently updated our video links with listings from two talks from Russell Kirk, including The Conservative Movement, Then & Now, a talk given for the Heritage Foundation in 1980.

Aug 2011


Have you caught up on the recent articles from Gerald Russello? Debating the Constitution in City Journal, and Faith from the Hearth and Public Schools: Faith-Free Zones in the National Catholic Register.

Aug 2011

A few links we recommend

The New Atlantis has a great symposium on Place and Placelessness in America with several essays that are well worth your time.

The Imaginative Conservative has a three-part series by John Willson on the historian Carlton Hayes (whom we covered in this 2010 essay).

• The blog “Paying Attention to the Sky” features an article by Brad Birzer on Christopher Dawson and the twentieth century Catholic literary revival and two articles on The Remarkable Christopher Dawson Influence and Dawson’s contributions.

Aug 2011

Peter Stanlis, RIP

Dr. Peter J. Stanlis has died. He was a great friend of Russell Kirk and the Kirk Center and a great scholar. We have posted a remembrance of him by Senior Fellow Ian Crowe in the University Bookman.

In addition, we would like to call our readers’ attention to two videos from Dr. Stanlis on our companion site. The first features Dr. Stanlis speaking on Edmund Burke at a seminar at Piety Hill. In the other video, Dr. Stanlis is interviewed by Joseph Stuart about Russell Kirk. We also note this 2008 print interview where Dr. Stanlis speaks with James E. Person, Jr. in the Bookman about Burke and Robert Frost.

Jul 2011

Video on the Influence of Russell Kirk in Europe

Karl von Habsburg spoke at the announcement in Prague in 2000 of the Czech translation of Russell Kirk’s The Conservative Mind. The video of his remarks is available here. Karl is the son of Otto von Habsburg, who died in July (we posted a memorial article by Denis Kitzinger here). Karl was a member of the European Parliament for ten years, and in the summer of 1984 he studied the thought of Edmund Burke under Russell Kirk in Mecosta. The full video of the Czech celebration—at which Annette Kirk, President of the Russell Kirk Center and Marco Respinti, Senior Fellow and Italian journalist, also spoke—can be seen here at our partner site.

Jul 2011

Peter Stanlis, RIP

Peter Stanlis was a great friend to the Bookman and author of the Burke revival. May he rest in peace.

Jul 2011

Duggan book

We congratulate Joseph Duggan on the release of his e-book Give Paz a Chance and the impending publication of The Zuckerberg Galaxy: A Primer for Negotiating the Media Maelstrom, portions of which first appeared in the University Bookman.

Jul 2011

More on Otto von Habsburg

Bookman associate editor David Bonagura has written a piece for The Catholic Thing, “Otto von Habsburg: Monarch, Freedom Fighter, Catholic,” as the late Archduke was laid to rest with his ancestors.

Jul 2011

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A “conservative character [is] suspicious of doctrinaire alteration, respectful toward history, preferring variety over uniformity, acknowledging a moral order composed of human persons, not of mere political and economic atoms subservient to the state.”

Russell Kirk, A Program for Conservatives, 1954