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Bookman Web Exclusives

We are pleased to announce web-only reviews as a new feature of the University Bookman. This new content will enable us to reach our readers more regularly with reviews of notable books, interviews, and other features. Our first online feature—ironically—is a review of Wendell Berry’s novel, Andy Catlett. Check back often for new exclusive content!

Dec 2007

New Bookman and Barzun

The new issue of the University Bookman is on its way. Featuring a special section on the humane economy, the issue includes reviews of books on agrarianism, Wendell Berry, Tocqueville, the commercial society, and other subjects. As a preview, here is Tracy Lee Simmons’s essay honoring the critic and essayist Jacques Barzun, who turns 100 this November 30. We encourage you to subscribe here, because you won’t want to miss this issue!

Nov 2007

Berkowitz on the Essential Russell Kirk

Conserving Russell Kirk” in Policy Review. This article elegantly addresses some recent public controversies and is worth your attention.

Oct 2007

Russello Interview

Gerald Russello has done an interview with John J. Miller at National Review Online discussing his new book on Kirk’s thought.

Jul 2007

Nash Heritage Lecture

Senior Fellow George H. Nash spoke at the Heritage Foundation on June 22, 2007 to give the Russell Kirk Lecture on Kirk’s life and legacy and to celebrate the release of The Essential Russell Kirk: Selected Essays. You can view the lecture or listen to the MP3 audio here. The transcript (plus pdf) is available here.

Jul 2007

Two Essays on the Imagination

We have added to the web site two pieces by Russell Kirk that touch on the moral imagination. First, “The Moral Imagination,” a 1981 essay that describes the concept. Second is “Is Life Worth Living?”  the epilogue of Kirk’s autobiography, The Sword of Imagination. Both are posted under the Kirk’s Thought section.

Jun 2007

Wall Street Journal

We were pleased to see the aptly titled op-ed “The Conservative Mind” by Peter Berkowitz in The Wall Street Journal on May 29, 2007. Very clearly written and helpful.

May 2007

C-SPAN Radio Broadcast

C-SPAN Radio’s American Political Archive program will be broadcasting for the first time ever a conversation between Russell Kirk and the late liberal social critic Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., recorded in the late 1970s. It will broadcast live on Saturday, March 31 at 10:00AM EST on XM Satellite channel 132 as well as in the DC listening area on WCSP 90.1 FM. They should have archives available after the broadcast.

Mar 2007

Nash Interview

Senior Fellow George H. Nash has participated in a two-part interview for the weblog Right Reason on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary edition of his Conservative Intellectual Movement in America. Part I can be found here, and Part II here.

Mar 2007

New Books to Watch For

Several Kirk-related books will be published in 2007.

book cover imageThe Essential Russell Kirk: Selected Essays, edited and with introduction by George A. Panichas, is now available from ISI Books in both paper and cloth (ISBN 1933859016; Amazon link).

book cover imageGerald J. Russello’s The Postmodern Imagination of Russell Kirk, a fresh approach to Dr. Kirk’s thought driven by Kirk’s understanding of the imagination, will be released from University of Missouri Press in July 2007 (ISBN 978-0-8262-1720-2). Details available in their 2007 PDF catalog, or you can download this PDF flyer. The Amazon item page is here.

book cover imageA new edition of Kirk’s gothic novel Old House of Fear will be published by Eerdmans in April 2007.

Mar 2007

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