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Kirk Video Companion Site

On this, the fifteenth anniversary of the death of Russell Kirk, April 29, we would like to announce the posting of a link to a companion website that features video interviews with scholars, prominent persons in the conservative movement, and with Russell Kirk himself. Among the persons interviewed about Kirk’s contribution and work are: William F. Buckley, Roger Scruton, William Rusher, Dick Armey, Fred Thompson, Ed Feulner, Lee Edwards, Kenneth Cribb, Vigen Guroian and many others. Our deep thanks to David Schock for his many hours of work in creating the site and editing the videos. You can view them at

Apr 2009

Permanent Things Newsletter

We are pleased to announce a new number of Permanent Things, the newsletter of the Russell Kirk Center, edited by Ben Lockerd. The spring 2009 edition features a retrospective of thirty years of the Wilbur Foundation program. You may download it at this link (PDF, 2.6MB).

Apr 2009

Winter Bookman

The new Winter 2008 edition of the University Bookman is now available online. It is a special edition featuring an assessment of the work and legacy of Russell Kirk on the fifteenth anniversary of his death. Subscribe here.

Mar 2009

New Interview

The Bookman has posted a new exclusive interview with M. Edward Whelan, III president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, on judicial activism and other topics.

Feb 2009

Is conservatism dead?

The Bookman responds to a recent essay by Sam Tanenhaus in The New Republic with a symposium from such distinguished writers as Joseph P. Duggan, Austin Bramwell, Daniel McCarthy, Lee Edwards, James Poulos, and Roger Kimball.

Feb 2009

Nash on Conservatism’s Future

Senior Fellow and historian George Nash provides his insights on the future of conservatism in this article from the Intercollegiate Review.

Feb 2009

New Interview on Technology

The Bookman has posted a new exclusive interview with Christine Rosen, whose work focuses on our unquestioned assumptions about technology and its effects on our humanity.

Jan 2009

Permanent Things Newsletter

We are pleased to announce a new number of Permanent Things, the newsletter of the Russell Kirk Center, now edited by Ben Lockerd and featuring a report on the recent T. S. Eliot conference and a summary of the year for the Center. You may download it at this link (PDF, 270K).

Dec 2008

Carney Interview

The Bookman features a new web-only interview with writer and political reporter Timothy P. Carney, author of The Big Ripoff: How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money.

Dec 2008

American Regionalism in the Fall Bookman

We are very pleased to present the new Fall 2008 issue of The University Bookman, a Special Issue on Regional America edited by Bill Kauffman. Full contents are now available online, including items on Brooklyn, Indiana, Kansas, Vermont, Washington, and more.

Nov 2008

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The moral imagination is the principal possession that man does not share with the beasts. It is man’s power to perceive ethical truth, abiding law, in the seeming chaos of many events. Without the moral imagination, man would live merely day to day, or rather moment to moment, as dogs do. It is the strange faculty—inexplicable if men are assumed to have an animal nature only—of discerning greatness, justice, and order, beyond the bars of appetite and self-interest.

Russell Kirk, Enemies of the Permanent Things, 1969