Bruce P. Frohnen

Bruce P. Frohnen is a Senior Fellow at the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal.

Bruce Frohnen

He is Professor of Law at Ohio Northern University College of Law and Editor of the Political Science Reviewer.

Dr. Frohnen holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in Government from Cornell University and a J.D. from Emory University School of Law. A former Visiting Scholar with the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, he also served for more than five years as Legislative Aide and Speech Writer to United States Senator Spencer Abraham (R-MI). He is the author of Virtue and the Promise of Conservatism: The Legacy of Burke and Tocqueville and The New Communitarians and the Crisis of Modern Liberalism. His volume, American Conservatism: An Encyclopedia (edited with Jeremy Beer and Jeffrey O. Nelson) was the subject of a front-page article in the New York Times. Among the other volumes he has edited or co-edited are The American Republic: Primary Sources, Rethinking Rights: Historical, Political, and Philosophical Perspectives (with Kenneth L. Grasso), and Community and Tradition: Conservative Perspectives on the American Experience (with George W. Carey).

Dr. Frohnen has published numerous articles and essays in journals including the George Washington Law Review, the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, the American Journal of Jurisprudence, and The Good Society. He serves as Associate Editor of Studies in Burke and His Time and on the editorial board of The University Bookman. He lives in Canton, Michigan, with his wife and two children.

Mere unthinking negative opposition to the current of events, clutching in despair at what we still retain, will not suffice in this age. A conservatism of instinct must be reinforced by a conservatism of thought and imagination.

Russell Kirk

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