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Selections from Russell Kirk’s syndicated column that ran five days a week from 1962 to 1975 in 100 newspapers nationally via the Los Angeles Times Syndicate / General Features Corporation.

Reoccupying the City Winter 2017
Digging Up the Bones of Empire Fall 2016
The Genius of T. S. Eliot Spring 2016
An Encounter with Ayn Rand Winter 2016
The Meaning of Capitalism Fall 2015
Our Wisest President Fall 2015
Why Study Latin? Fall 2015
What’s Relevant? Roman History and Latin Literature Fall 2015
On Becoming a Journalist Fall 2015
Are Chance Acquaintances Providential Acquaintances? Fall 2015
Returning ‘To the Point’ Fall 2015
Derek Draplin has searched the archives for selections from Russell Kirk’s thirteen-year run as a syndicated columnist. Here he introduces what will be a periodic feature for the Bookman.

To live with a gnawing grudge against one’s own civilization is the way to a personal Hell, not to a Terrestrial Paradise.

Russell Kirk


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