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Symposium 6 February 2017
image The Proxy War
Daniel McCarthy
Symposium: Citizen, Community, and Welcoming the Stranger
Review 29 January 2017
book cover Not Lucian’s Lucian
Sarah Ruden
Lucian’s Dialogues of the Gods, translated by H. & F. Fowler & W. Tooke, edited by Nicholas Jeeves. PDR Press, 2016. Paperback, 149 pages, $14.
Review 29 January 2017
book cover The Future of France
Eamon Moynihan
Faire by François Fillon. Albin Michel, 2015. Paper, 313 pages. Vaincre le totalitarisme Islamique by François Fillon. Albin Michel, 2016. Paper, 155 pages.
Essay 23 January 2017
book cover When Time Was Measured in Decades
Pedro Blas González
Gonzáles discusses Spanish novelist Miguel Delibes and his 1964 work, Viejas historias de Castilla la Vieja.
Review 22 January 2017
book cover Four Acres in Herefordshire
Robert Grano
The Running Hare: The Secret Life of Farmland by John Lewis-Stempel. Doubleday, 2016. Hardcover, 298 pages, £16.99.
Review 15 January 2017
book cover Hitchens: A Look at a Skeptic
Spencer Case
The Faith of Christopher Hitchens: The Restless Soul of the World’s Most Notorious Atheist by Larry Alex Taunton. Nelson Books, 2016. Hardcover, 199 pages, $15.
Review 15 January 2017
book cover An American Arcadia Made Accessible
Sarah Phelps Smith
The Brandywine: An Intimate Portrait by W. Barksdale Maynard. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014. Hardcover, 276 pages, $34.95.
Review 8 January 2017
book cover Our Real Constitution—And What Happened to It
Allen Mendenhall
Constitutional Morality and the Rise of Quasi-Law By Bruce P. Frohnen and George W. Carey. Harvard University Press, 2016. Hardcover, 293 pages, $45.
Review 8 January 2017
book cover Endo and the Challenge of Orthodoxy
Lee Oser
Silence: A Novel by Shūsaku Endō, translated by William Johnston. Picador Modern Classics, 2016. Paperback, 212+xxvi pages, $16.
Review 2 January 2017
book cover A Guide to the Nightmare Countries
Kenneth Hite
Horror: A Literary History edited by Xavier Aldana Reyes. The British Library, 2016. Hardcover, 232 pages, $30.
Review 1 January 2017
book cover The Art of Sinking in Poetry
Greg Morrison
The Billy Collins Experience by A. M. Juster. Kelsay Books, 2016. Paperback, 66 pages, $14.
To the Point 29 December 2016
Kirk Reoccupying the City
Russell Kirk
Review 25 December 2016
book cover Summoned to Greatness
William F. Meehan III
A Torch Kept Lit: Great Lives of the Twentieth Century by William F. Buckley Jr., edited by James Rosen. Crown Forum, 2016. Hardcover, 336 pages, $22.
Books in Little 22 December 2016
book cover Books in Little: Kauffman’s ‘Deplorable’ Americans
Thomas DePietro
America First! Its History, Culture, and Politics by Bill Kauffman. Prometheus Books, 2016. Paperback, 390 pages, $18.

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To live with a gnawing grudge against one’s own civilization is the way to a personal Hell, not to a Terrestrial Paradise.

Russell Kirk


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