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Review 23 July 2017
book cover Revolt No More: A Return to Midwestern History
Gregory L. Schneider
From Warm Center to Ragged Edge: The Erosion of Midwestern Literary and Historical Regionalism, 1920–1965 by Jon K. Lauck. University of Iowa Press, 2017. Paperback, 246 pages, $27.50.
Review 23 July 2017
book cover A Forgotten Hero of the War
Robert Huddleston
Fighter Pilot by L. C. Beck. [Wetzel 1946] Kessinger Publishing, 2010. Paperback, 200 pages, $20.
Review 16 July 2017
book cover The Whole Truth
Benjamin G. Lockerd
How to Be a Conservative by Roger Scruton. London: Bloomsbury, 2014. Hardcover, ix + 195 pages, $20.50.
Review 16 July 2017
book cover The Real, Imagined
Jeremy A. Kee
Rewiring the Real: In Conversation with William Gaddis, Richard Powers, Mark Danielewski, and Don DeLillo by Mark C. Taylor. Columbia University Press, 2013. Hardcover, 344 pages, $26.
Review 9 July 2017
book cover The Two Hoovers
John C. Chalberg
Herbert Hoover in the White House: The Ordeal of the Presidency by Charles Rappleye. Simon and Schuster, 2016. Hardcover, 551 pages, $32.50.
Review 9 July 2017
Grimm book cover From Hungary to the Outback
Karl Schmude
Flight from the Brothers Grimm: A European-Australian Memoir by Valerie Murray. Sydney: Books Unleashed, 2016. Paperback, 184 pages, Aust.$20.
Review 2 July 2017
book cover A Life Told by a Critic
Carl Rollyson
William Faulkner: A Life through Novels by André Bleikasten, translated by Miriam Watchorn with the collaboration of Roger Little. Indiana University Press, 2017. Hardcover, 511 pages, $50.
Review 2 July 2017
book cover A Window on a Vanishing World
Emőke Dénes
Comrade Baron: A Journey through the Vanishing World of the Transylvanian Aristocracy by Jaap Scholten. Helena History Press, 2016. Paperback, 404 pages, $24.
Review 25 June 2017
book cover How to Implement First Principles
Karl C. Schaffenburg
The Permission Society: How the Ruling Class Turns Our Freedoms into Privileges and What We Can Do About It by Timothy Sandefur. Encounter Books, 2016. Hardcover, 267 pages, $26.
On Letters and Essays 25 June 2017
Fr. Schall On the Human Art of Cooking
James V. Schall, S.J.
Fr. Schall reflects on cooking, and eating, inspired by a new family cookbook assembled by Anne Husted Burleigh.
Review 18 June 2017
book cover The Epistolary Petrarch
A. M. Juster
Selected Letters: Volumes I & II by Francesco Petrarca, translated and edited by Elaine Fantham. Harvard University Press, 2017. Hardcover, 800 + 816 pages, $30 + $30.
Review 18 June 2017
book cover A New Look at Ransom’s ‘Land’
Mark G. Malvasi
Land!: The Case for an Agrarian Economy by John Crowe Ransom. Edited by Jason Peters, with an Introduction by Jay T. Collier. University of Notre Dame Press, 2017. Cloth, 156 pages, $25.
Review 11 June 2017
book cover Constitutionalism, Both Good and Horrid
Stephen B. Presser
Sex and the Constitution: Sex, Religion, and Law from America’s Origins to the Twenty-First Century by Geoffrey R. Stone. Liveright Publishing Corporation, 2017. Cloth, 669 pages, $35.
Essay 11 June 2017
book cover Novak’s ‘Moral Clarity’ Revisited
Francis P. Sempa
Sempa looks back on the arguments and influence of Michael Novak’s influential 1983 essay on nuclear deterrence.

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To live with a gnawing grudge against one’s own civilization is the way to a personal Hell, not to a Terrestrial Paradise.

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