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Review 17 June 2018
book cover Put In This World to Do Battle
Nicholas Kennicott
Imaginative Conservatism: The Letters of Russell Kirk edited by James E. Person Jr. University of Kentucky Press, 2018. Hardcover, 432 pages, $40.
Review 17 June 2018
book cover Philanthropy Is Not Charity
Brad Langhoff
The Philanthropic Revolution: An Alternative History of American Charity by Jeremy Beer. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015. Hardcover, 124 pages, $20.
Review 17 June 2018
book cover Cracking Jokes at the Crack of Doom
Timothy D. Lusch
Lincoln’s Sense of Humor by Richard Carwardine. Southern Illinois University Press, 2017. Hardcover, 184 pages, $24.95.
Review 10 June 2018
book cover The Cycles of Networked History?
Matthew M. Robare
The Square and the Tower: Networks and Power, from the Freemasons to Facebook by Niall Ferguson. Penguin Press, 2018. Hardcover, 592 pages, $30.
On Letters and Essays 10 June 2018
book cover From Hope to Hope: On the Mind of Man
James V. Schall, S. J.
Father Schall looks at an early essay of Samuel Johnson to reflect on fame, envy, hope, and our tendency to live in the future.
Review 10 June 2018
book cover The Questions Behind Populism
Marlo Safi
Vox Populi: The Perils and Promises of Populism edited by Roger Kimball. Encounter Books, 2017. Hardcover, 216 pages, $24.
Review 3 June 2018
book cover The Dismissed in Revolt
Addison Del Mastro
The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics by Salena Zito and Brad Todd. Crown Forum, 2018. Hardcover, 309 pages, $28.
Essay 3 June 2018
Two allegorical figures from the mantle of the Kirk Center Library A Place on the Walls
Sam Burnham
How we decorate tends to communicate more about us to ourselves rather than to others. So the way we decorate our homes can be an important contributor to our well-being.
Review 3 June 2018
book cover Which Philosophers Lived Their Thought?
Frank Freeman
Lives of the Eminent Philosophers by Diogenes Laertius, translated by Pamela Mensch, edited by James Miller. Oxford University Press, 2018. Hardcover, 720 pages, $45.
Review 27 May 2018
book cover The Auroras of Helen Vendler
Daniel James Sundahl
The Ocean, the Bird, and the Scholar: essays on poets & poetry by Helen Vendler. Harvard University Press, 2015. Hardcover, 444 pages, $35.
Essay 27 May 2018
book cover The Cinema of Failure
Titus Techera
Four films of Terrence Malick.
Review 27 May 2018
book cover Stories of the Lost, Wandering Soul of Modern America
James E. Person Jr.
Cloudbursts: Collected and New Stories by Thomas McGuane. Alfred A. Knopf, 2018. Cloth, 354 pages, $35.
Review 20 May 2018
book cover The Best Classical Latin Poet You’ve Never Heard Of
Michael Fontaine
The Elegies of Maximianus translated by A. M. Juster. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018. Hardcover, 240 pages, $65.
Essay 20 May 2018
Heavenly Bodies exhibit graphic Saving What Is Lost
Maria Grizzetti
A reflection on fashion and the Catholic Imagination inspired by “Heavenly Bodies,” the current exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

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A “conservative character [is] suspicious of doctrinaire alteration, respectful toward history, preferring variety over uniformity, acknowledging a moral order composed of human persons, not of mere political and economic atoms subservient to the state.”

Russell Kirk, A Program for Conservatives, 1954


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